Nanomunchers FAQ
Competition Version 1.7 available depends on Heurgame 1.1
Now in applet flavors too.
Everything can be changed in the user interface.
Correctly judges input conditions.
Correctly judges time usage (but does not report so graphically)
Does display things correctly
Does display a correct reading of the score.
Hedge cases are correct
Human Players are now supported
Try clicking on the graph during the simulation to toggle the display
Note black dots are the players that were brutally killed from conflict
Also check out the graph editor.
To change edges in the graph editor, first remember to push the generate button. Once the graph is generated you can toggle the edges by dragging through them with your mouse.

Heurgame Framework contains the reusable objects and classes that compose most of Nanomunchers.

Nanomunchers Applet

Try the restricted applet version:

You need the Java Plug-in Unrestricted Nanomunchers

Running the Competition Version 1.7

Usage: java -cp nanomunchers1.7.jar,heurgame1.1.jar nanomunchers.NanoEntry
Runs the Server on with a complete board 20x10 total time usage of 2 minutes plus 30 seconds of warning.

Sample Players (in Python)
Single Player (Random Adversary)
Two players both random
And especially for the melee Thirteen random players

Sample Graphs
Sample Graph meant to be human readable
NYU ;) made with the graph editor
NYU with a thin border

If you find tcprelay too confusing try a SockPuppet

Updated Protocol

Poster-size version

Ideas for the next implementation

E-mail me any questions or comments dbk1 [ at ]