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Created by David Kaplin
With Contribution by Chris Quackenbush

Game architectures without the proper structures can, and usually do, end up as a monolithic mess. One false move, and everything falls to pieces. Instead of building upon the previous architecture you are forced to dismantle it or make a bigger mess for the next architect. As I have dismantled a couple of the previous games, I have discovered little reusable pieces that should be able to help future architects build less coupled, readable implementations of their problems.

What is Heurgame?
Heurgame is a set of abstractions and utilities that should allow greater flexibility in building game software.

What isn't Heurgame?
Heurgame is not a Game Engine. It does not employ any normal components of a game engine such as Physics, Lighting, Sound, or Rendering. The only system that comes close to a that of a Game Engine is the networking component. Even that component is optimized for programmer understanding, not speed.

Design Principles

Reusable Components

Key Abstractions

Design Patterns In Action describes a few of the design patterns used in the framework.

Current Version 1.1

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