Homework 2 (Due Nov-14-04)

Implement and experiment with a Skin-Color Tracker.  .  The input is a video recording.  The output is a sequence of binary images of the same dimension.  Your program will set the pixels of the output image sequence to 1 at skin regions, and set to 0 everywhere else.  Here are example matlab functions you can use. If you don't fully understand the matlab functions, use the matlab help feature. (for instance: help aviread).  You are also welcome to use another programming language, but then we can't help you that much with the homework.

Here is the "recipe" (email me if it's too confusing, I just typed this in very fast...:)


that's all for now, gotta run.  might clarify more up there. don't hesitate to email me with questions. I haven't tried my own code on this data, but it should work, if you feel this data is not good (maybe too much color quantized etc...) , let me know...