All labs are due back by December 10th, 9:00AM

Use web-based form to submit Lab 5 before Monday morning (December 8th), 9:00AM (send Labs 1—4 by e-mail to me and the TAs).

After Monday morning (December 8th), 10:00AM, use the web-based form to only submit Lab 6 (send any submissions for Labs 1 – 5 by e-mail).


Final exam is on December 18th, 10:00AM – 11:30AM, 109 WWH

Syllabus: Lectures 11 – 21, Labs 4- 6, Class discussions, Final sample questions



Lab 6 is now available from the Course Materials page.
Note that all of the labs must be in by December 9th for you to receive any credit for them.



No lecture on November 20th (Thursday)



Lab 4 due 11:59pm EST, November 12th (Wednesday)


Lab 5 is now available from the Course Materials page.
It is due back before
11:59pm EST, November 26th (Wednesday)



The course schedule page has been updated to reflect the changes discussed in class.
Note that there will no longer be a group-based course project. Instead, there is now an additional lab (Lab 6, worth 10 points) and a final exam (worth 20 points).


Lab 3 due date extended to 11:59pm EST, November 2nd (Sunday)


No lecture on October 23rd (Thursday).



The mid-term exam is on October 14th (Tuesday).


Lab 3 is now available from the Course Materials page.
It is due back before
11:59pm EST on October 27th


Lab 2 is due at 11:59pm EST tonight (Wednesday).
Late submission penalty: 2 points per day

Submit using the web-based form at



Lab 1 is due tomorrow: 09/23/2003


Lab 2 will be handed out tomorrow and is due back on October 7th.
The lab handout is available on the Course Materials page.


Two Teaching Assistants have been assigned for the course.


Congchun He (
      715 Broadway, 7th Floor
      Office hours: Wednesdays, 2:00pm – 4:00pm


Ilya Rosenberg (
      715 Broadway, 12th Floor
      Office hours: Mondays, 4:00pm – 6:00pm


Accessing the .NET Development Servers (netserver{1,2,3,4} from the ITS lab machines:


You can access the development servers using any Windows machine that is running Internet Explorer with permission to download and install ActiveX controls. I have verified that the PCs in the ITS labs do permit the latter, so you can use these machines to connect up to the servers without having to explicitly download and install a Remote Desktop client. Follow the instructions on the course resources page (in the Remote Desktop Clients section).


Unfortunately, there does not seem to be an easy way to install the client on the Macs in the ITS labs. These machines are running an older version of the operating system, for which no clients appear to be available.


First class will meet in CIWW 109 at 9:30am on September 2nd (Tuesday)

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