V22.0470 - ASSIGNMENT 2

Write a Java applet that displays a racing course and at least two racers.

Available from this link is a zip file called race.zip that has the framework for displaying the applet. The zip includes several files:

  1. CRace.java which is the basic starting point for your applet,
  2. ASprite.java which is an abstract class you must extend to create your various drawable classes (sprites are graphical representations of objects in your simulation), and
  3. CRace.html which will run the applet by referencing CRace.class.
  4. Race.jcw and Race.jcp which are JCreator project files that include the files above.
The provided project/workspace should run as is, but of course not display anything in the applet window... yet (that's for you to do).

Requirements Extra Credit: Notes:

CRace.java includes a routine you may use to generate random numbers if you choose to place racers and/or characteristics of the course in random spots.

You may use any of the Graphics functions to draw your objects (e.g. drawLine, drawRect, even drawString, etc.)