Web Development and Programming
: V22.0380

Computer Science Department, New York University
Fall 2003, Section 1

Professor: Sana` Odeh
Class: Tues & Thurs 2:00 pm - 3:15 PM
Office Hours: Mondays - Wednesdays 11am - 12pm, Room 418 WWH

Class Mailing list: http://www.cs.nyu.edu/mailman/listinfo/v22_0380_001_a03

Course Description

This course provides concrete knowledge in popular web technologies and programming. Students develop interactive, secure and powerful projects for the web. The course will cover client and server side technologies for the world wide web. Topics covered are:
  • Foundations of the Web: The course begins with an overview of the foundations of the internet and the web. We will provide an overview of the history of the Internet and web, security, DNS, HTTP, client-server communications, and a quick review of HTML, CSS and UNIX.
  • JavaScript: JavaScript is a semi-object-oriented scripting language for creating dynamic and interactive content for the world wide web. We will write javascript programs to validate forms, performs a browser check, and create cookies. We will also use the Document and Browser Object model (DOM) to manipulates frames, images, text and cascading style information to create dynamic websites.
  • PERL/CGI: Common Gateway Interface (CGI) is a popular method to create interactive e-commerce websites. CGI can be written in many languages but we will focus on Perl since it's the most common language used to write CGI. The class covers rudiments of PERL programming including pattern matching & regular expressions, file manipulations, and process handling. Students learn to write CGI programs to validate passwords, process, and to search and sort information received via the client through an e-commerce site
  • Server installation and configuration: The course provides an overview of popular server applications, server installation, and configuration. We will focus on the Apache server which is the most popular and secure server used today. Students learn to access Apache server data and logs.
  • Server Side Includes (SSI): We will learn to use SSI to create private website which require authentication and manipulating of environmental variables.
  • XML Technologies: eXtensible Markup Language (XML) is a powerful technology used to describe and format data for the web. We will learn to write xml documents for the web, validate xml documents using DTD technology, and finally use CSS and XSL to display and process XML data for the web.

Computers in Principle & Practice I- V22.0004, and one semester of programming in C, or equivalent programming experience such as Java or Pascal. 4 Points.

This course will require one mid-term exam (20% of the final grade); one final exam (30% of the final grade); and approximately 6-8 assignments (accounting for 50% of the final grade).
UNIX Account

All students will be assigned a UNIX account on i5.nyu.edu for this class to use for their own websites.


The primary software for this course will be available on the i5 server through ITS.

Class Mailing List
You must subscribe to the class mailing list set up for this class to obtain assignments and programs done in class. I will be sending
information, hints, help, etc. to everyone in the class via the class mailing list. To subscribe, visit this website:
http://www.cs.nyu.edu/mailman/listinfo/v22_0380_001_fa03 .
Help Options

Whenever you have a question about the course material, please feel free to drop by during my office hours or write me
an email message at odeh@cs.nyu.edu. If at any time you feel that you are falling behind or are overwhelmed by the material, let me
know: I will be very happy to help you. If you need any help throughout the semester, you always have options:

  • Office Hours: Will be held every Monday and Wednesday, 11 am - 12:00 pm, 418 Warren Weaver Hall.