V22.0310: Basic Algorithms--Allan Gottlieb


5 Oct 03: Solutions to the first 5 homeworks are on the web page. The password was given in class. Please do not send the password via email.

3 Sep 03: To sign up for the mailing list visit http://www.cs.nyu.edu/mailman/listinfo/v22_0310_002_fa03

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Problem Sets

Problem set 4 is due 2 December 2003.

Problem set 3 is due 13 November 2003.

Problem set 2 is due 4 November 2003.

Problem Set 1 is is due 7 October 2003.

Lecture Notes

Problem Set and Homework Solutions (password required)

Office Hours:

Recitation (You may come to either)

Graders / TAs

Midterm Exam: Thurs 23 Oct

A practice midterm is available in pdf and postscript.

Answers are here.

Final Exam: 16 Dec 03 at 10am Room 303 EDUC

A practice final is here.

Answers are here.

Textbook: Goodrich and Tamassia

Allan Gottlieb