;This inputs exactly 10 chars and prints them out
;This demonstrates the use of INT 16H - The Keyboard Int

        mov     di, 0           ;point to start of string

inlp:   mov     ah, 0           ;wait for key
        int     16h             ;keyboard int

        mov     alpha [di], al  ;store key

        inc     di
        cmp     di, 10
        jb      inlp

        mov     si, 0           ;start at beg again
        mov     ah, 0eh         ;teletype
        mov     bh, 0           ;video page 0

outlp:  mov     al, alpha [si]  ;get char
        int     10h

        inc     si
        cmp     si, 10
        jb      outlp

        int     20h

alpha   db 10 dup (?)