Introduction to Computers and Programming: V22.0002

Class Programming Examples and Lecture Notes

Section 3 (Tuesdays & Thursdays 8:00-9:15 AM, Room 101) - Deena Engel

Important Note: All of the PowerPoint Slides listed below are adapted from Prentice Hall's resources for the textbook, Introduction to Java Programming 4E by Y. Daniel Liang and are copyright protected.

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  4. Sample Department Final and Solutions

December 9, 2003: In-class exercise: using an array and a sentinel

December 4, 2003: In-class exercise: Perfect Numbers; (Optional Material) Applets

December 2, 2003: In-Class Exercise onHistograms; Linear Search; Bubble Sort; Selection Sort

November 25, 2003: TestCopyArray, Overloading methods using arrays: Deviation, PassingArraysToMethods

November 20, 2003: Further work with Arrays InClassExercise, RollDiceWithArrays
Passing arrays to methods: TestPassArray, PassArray2

November 18, 2003: Arrays TestArray

November 13, 2003: Introducing arrays array1, array2, array3, array4, array5

November 6, 2003: More work with Methods: OverloadingMethods, TempConversions, RandomWords, ComputeStatistics

November 4, 2003: More work with Methods FactorialMethods, RaiseToPowerMethod, ScopeDemo, SnakeEyes

October 30, 2003: Terms & Definitions, Maximum, Maximum3Integers, BoxMethods, MathMethods,PassByValue

October 28, 2003: Using Methods: GreenEggsAndHam, Squares1, Squares2, Squares3
Music: Listening to Ravel's Bolero ... for a repeated pattern, but played each time by a different instrument or group of instruments.

October 23, 2003: Multiplication table exercise

October 16, 2003: More work with "for" loops: RaiseToPower, ForStrings1, ForStrings2, ForStrings3, PrettyRug1

October 14, 2003: Using "for" loops: ForLoops1, ForLoops2, ForLoopsGeneral, Nested1, Nested2, Nested3, Factorials
Art: viewing regular patterns in kilims from Iran and Bulgaria from Kilims: A Buyer's Guide by Lee Allane

October 9, 2003: While Loop & Do-While Loop; Continue and Break keywords;
Class Discussion on Program Design: Probability... Rolling a die 1000 times
Class Discussion on Program Analysis: Prime Numbers ... Worksheet & program

October 7, 2003: String_2, String_3, String_4, Flag_1
Class Discussion on Program Design: Carpets
Some improvements you could add here: use "double" data type for the length and width; use a sentinel so the user, in this case perhaps an interior decorator, can keep adding the rooms as s/he walks through the apartment without knowing the number of rooms first.

October 2, 2003: Using accumulators, sentinels, markers: MaxNumber_1, MaxNumber_2, MaxNumber_3,
Introducing strings: String_1
Music: "Fugue For Tinhorns" from Frank Loesser's Guys & Dolls

Infinite Loops (M. C. Escher: "Handteckning" [Drawing Hands], 1948; lithograph.) and Programming: BadLoop

September 30, 2003: WhileLoopStudy, while_loop_1, while_loop_2, while_loop_3
Use the techniques in while_loop_3 as a debugging tool.

Music: Canon & Gigue in D Major by Johann Pachelbel (1653-1706)

September 25, 2003: random_numbers, random_numbers2, random_dice1, random_dice2, conditional_expressions, conditional_expressions2, concatenation1, concatenation2

September 23, 2003: grades_exmple3, grades_example4, directions_using_if, directions_using_switch , character_entry

September 18, 2003: ages, grades_example1, grades_example2, dice_using_if, dice_using_switch, switch_example2

September 16, 2003: pre_post_increment, casting_example, InputDataDemo, even_odd, less_than_five, date_check

September 11, 2003: circle_area, cylinder, circle_area_pi, assignment_operators

September 9, 2003:

September 4, 2003: addition, division

September 2, 2003: welcome, welcome2, and welcome3

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