Introduction to Computers and Programming


Professors: Deena Engel, Evan Korth, Samuel Marateck, Sana' Odeh

Reaching Deena Engel

Reaching Evan Korth

Reaching Samuel Marateck

Reaching Sana' Odeh


Section 001 Marateck M/W 9:30-10:45 final exam WED 12/17 10:00-11:50 room 109 WWH

Section 002 Korth M/W 3:30-4:45 final exam WED 12/17 4:00- 5:50 room 806 SILV

Section 003 Engel T/R 8:00-9:15 final exam FRI 12/12 8:00- 9:50 room 101 WWH

Section 004 Korth T/R 9:30-10:45 final exam THUR 12/18 10:00-11:50 room 408 SILV

Section 005 Odeh T/R 11:00-12:15 final exam TUES 12/16 10:00-11:50 room 109 WWH

If you do not do the homework programs, you cannot pass the course.

The CS Minor

Help with homeworks and course

We are fortunate to have David Condon ( ) to help you with your programs in this course. He will be available to help students starting Sept 15 at 14 Washington Place lab and will be using the PC just to the right as you come down the stairs, at the following times.

Also, ITS consultants should be available most times 11-6 Mon-Fri at the 14 Wash. Pl site. We will also have an etutor, David Wang. If you have questions about the homework or any other course material, you can email him at

Course Materials (click text link for text description and downloads)

Sending homeworks by email

Tutoring at Weinstein


You should only submit your homework once For the homeworks for Marateck's section click here.

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PowerPoint presentations for Liang's text

Sample Questions for Midterm

Sample Questions for Final