Programming for the WWW
Fall 2003

CIMS CS Department

Homework Assignment #5
Homework Due: Dec 8th 

WebServices Assignment

1) You must use the GLUE standard version (

2) You must create a WebService that is called: CreditBureauService

3) You must create it on http://localhost:8004/myWebServices

4) You must create 4 service methods:

float  getCreditScore(String FName,String LName);
float  getCreditScore(String SSNumber);
String getCreditHistory(String FName,String LName);
String getCreditHistory(String SSNumber);

5) You must create a servlet or JSP page that invokes each of the four methods when the servlet gets executed. You must create a servlet with three text fields:



Social Security Number

It must have two action buttons one that looks up based on name and the other that does the lookup via social security number.

You should get the credit score and the credit history and display them in the response page of the servlet/JSP

6) Your webservice must have the ability to look up the following people and return the corresponding information:

First Name Last Name SS Number Credit History Credit Score
John Smith 123456789 Bought a $300,000 house 1999.10.02 123.00
Jane Smith 123456788 Missed a loan payment 5 times 2000 123.00
Isiu Chang 999999999 Earned $250,000.00 in 2003 99.00
Hafiz Ahsan 111111111 <none> 111.00

Here is the same data as strings you can copy from this page:

"Smith",John","123456789",123.00F,"Bought a $300,000 house 1999.10.02"
"Smith,Jane","123456788",123.00F,"Missed a loan payment 5 times 2000"
"Chang,Isiu","999999999",99.00F,"Earned $250,000.00 in 2003"

7) You should model your code after the and files in the GLUE installation  \electric\src\examples\publish directory.

8) You must create a WSDL file using the wsdl2java tool from GLUE and send it along with your code to the TAs,

9) Your servlet should look something like this after it invokes the web service












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