Programming for the WWW
Fall 2003

CS Department

Homework Assignment #0
Homework Due:

Homework Assignment: You must download and get the following products:

Download and install:

bullet Java JDK 1.4 and JRE 1.4
Go to downloads
Go to J2SE all languages download
Go through the acceptance agreements and download the zip/gzip file
Downloading the J2SE 1.4 JDK will get you both the JRE and JDK
Its about 37megs in size.
Installing it will place a the Java 1.4 runtime engine (JRE) and
the software dev kit on your machine.
bullet NetBeans IDE             
Download the IDE version 3.4
Get the appropriate version for your OS
Install it
Run it
bulletWrite a simple program that uses System.out.println() to display the text string "Hello World". This came be done with a simple main() class.
See the: Lecture 1 Slide Set A for more detailed info


Business Problem:

To insure that you can get the basics running. If you have problems see your T.A.s.

Other Comments:

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