Programming for the WWW
Fall 2003

CS Department

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Required Books for the Course

Learning Java, Second Edition
Author: Patrick Niemeyer, Jonathan Knudsen
Publisher: O'Reilly
Second Edition or later
ISBN Number:  0596002858

Recommended Books for the Course

Java Swing, Second Edition
Author: James Elliott, Robert Eckstein (Editor), Marc Loy, David Wood,
Brian Cole
Publisher: O'Reilly
Edition (Yr. or No.):
ISBN Number:  0596004087

Taming Java Threads
Author: by Allen Holub
Publisher: APress
Edition (Yr. or No.): Latest
ISBN Number:  1893115100
Get it with Java 1.4 version info or better, if possible
Always get the latest versions available. 
Also, check the copyright on any computer book to insure it isn't too old.
Rule of thumb - Never buy a computer book with a copyright of > 2 years ago 
Copies will be on reserve in the CIMS library. (12th floor WWH)

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