Welcome to the CSD V22.0470 home page.  As your instructor, I want to thank you for taking this class and for taking on the challenge of learning Object-Oriented Programming (OOP) using the Java language.  I hope you enjoy the class.  As always, the class assistants and I are committed to making this class as valuable to you as possible.  Please do not hesitate to contact any of us if you have questions or concerns regarding the class.


Final Exam Solution
Final Exam

*********FINAL EXAM HINTS**************

Final Exam Date:  Monday, 12/16, 8-9:50pm Silver (Main Bldg.)/Room 703

As an assignment 3 helper, go to the following URL:  http://www.javaschool.com/school/public/oop/uml.html
Please study carefully if you are having problems with this assignment.  For assignment 3, we are ultimately interested in
deriving the conceptual  model which in this example would be:  http://www.javaschool.com/school/public/oop/Conceptual.html
However, feel free to state in the turn in document the process you went through to achieve the model.  This may include stating
all redundant entities and eliminating the non-relevant ones.  Other suggestions are stated in the assignment 3 Guide.  Good luck!!!

Assignment 3
Assigment 3 Possible Guide

Assignment 2
Syllabus (UPDATED)

The following practice midterms are from Ben Goldberg's site.  I will create a similar exam to the ones below.  The exam will only contain material that we've gone over in class up to and including Java Exception Handling.  Threads will not be covered.
Practice Midterm Exam 1 (pdf)
Practice Midterm Exam 1, With Answers(pdf)
Practice Midterm Exam 2 (pdf)
Practice Midterm Exam 2, With Answers (pdf)

Download the Multithreaded Mini Server We Did In Class on 10/21/02
Assignment 1 Grading Guideline

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Assignment 1
Assignment 1 Helper:  Random Number Generation
Assignment 1 Helper:  Example On How To Manipulate Hashtables Structures
Assignment 1 Helper:  Example On How To Manipulate Vectors Structures
Assignment 1 Helper:  Example On Using A More Dynamic Form of instanceOf
jar helper

Download The ANT Tool For Building Your Java Projects
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Download the java PowerPoint helpers below if you are having trouble with remembering Java.

Java Helper 1
Java Helper 2
Java Helper 3
Java Helper 4