Topics of General Computing Interest • Interface Design for the WWW


Look over the first exercise from the homepage usability to familiarize yourself with some of the topics and issues involved with assesing usability. Do the exercise based on topics from the first 50 pages of the Homepage Usability book and then look at the solution. Try to understand what is being discussed. We will discuss further in class. Click Here
4. Extra Credit: Click Here - If you want extra points to makeup for
    those lost from the quiz or other homework, do this assignment.
     Due no later than 10/2/02.
5. Homepage Guidelines Exercise: State the first three things that come
     to your mind when you open the homepage of ONE of your three best
     picks from assignment #1. In this exercise, we are trying to ascertain
     ascertain visual hierarchy - primary focal point, secondary and tertiary.
     Due no later than 10/4/02.
6. This is a group assignment. On page 28 of the book "Site-Seeing",
     there is a sample user scenario. Using that as an example, create a
     sample user scenario for your site.
     Due no later than 10/7/02.
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