24 November

Problem set 4 assigned.

11 November 2002

See the mailing list about possible problem set regrading.

23 Oct 02

Midterm exam is next wednesday 30 Oct 02.

The practice midterm is available see below.

6 October 02

Problem set 2 will be assigned in class tomorrow and will be due next wednesday 16 october. It is available below.

25 September 2002

The first problem set was assigned and is due 2 Oct; it is available below.

23 September 2002

The first problem set was announced. It will be officially assigned on Wednesday and due the next Wednesday. It is available below

11 September 2002

A date to remember.

A new homework / problem set policy will be described in class today. It is in the lecture notes.

9 September 2002

I sprinkled homework assignments into the on-line lecture notes (search for ``homework''). They are not yet assigned due to the Jewish holidays. You might wish to get started early as they will eventually be assigned.

Allan gottlieb