Errata for Assembly Language Programming for the IBM/PC (Dewar, 1988)

Collected by Ralph Grishman.
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Underlined items are corrections.
Page numbers are those at top of each page.

Page 11, line 8:

    hexadecimal digits.  For example, the addition of 87 and 53 to give 140 would

Page 49, line -4 (4 lines from bottom)

    tual 16 bit result placed in IP is 03ECH, which results in a backward jump.

Page 62, line 5

        MOV   BL, BYTE PTR 700H  ; get 1st number

                and similarly all instances of WORD PTR 700H on that page
                should read  BYTE PTR 700H

Page 62, line -8

    NXT:  ADD   BYTE PTR 106H, 1   ; bump to next data location

                and similarly all references to 104H on page 63 should refer
                to 106H instead (the instruction labeled LP indeed begins at 104H, but
                the address within that instruction begins at 106H).

Page 69, line 12

    4.3  Rewrite the square root program given in chapter two so that it computes the