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Midterm Exam

It will be administered in the lecture hall on Monday Nov 4th at 7-9 PM EST

It is OPEN BOOK. This means you are allowed to bring in books, notes, lecture slides, printouts of code, etc. NO computers of any kind, though

It will cover lectures 1 through 8 (Up to and including the servlets lecture) and the homeworks #0, #1 and #2.

It will be multiple choice format. Most will just be questions. Some may be code snippets with multiple choice answers.

It will be 50 questions long.

You will have the complete 2 hours to do the test.

It will count for 30% of your grade.

If you have a problem making the exam and need to make other arrangements, please send me an email NOW (or very soon).


Q: An Interfaces is _________________

a) A definition of behavior without the implementation of that behavior
b) A type of class in Java
c) A subtype of a class
d) Another name for an overloaded method
e) Another name for a shadow variable

Q: The following java code is illegal because _________________________

Class public TestClass
    public int TestClass()

a) A constructor must not return anything
b) A constructor must have parameters
c) A constructor cannot call the super class constructor
d) A class must extend Object or another class
e) A class cannot contain only a constructor

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