Programming for the WWW G22.3033-009

Now taking what you've already ready written do the following:

bulletCreate a TCP socket based Inventory server that supports calculating the tax on a PO. This remote server should be called:


it should implement the following function: sent a double it should multiply it by .0825 and return a double via a TCP socket

Your existing application should have a button added to the UI that adds up the cost of all books selected, calls this service via TCP and gets the result and displays the tax due on the books. It should add that with the subtotal and display the total. It should save these in the PO file also.

No error checking is required. Just a simple TCP initiator and TCP acceptor set of applications.

bulletVia RMI create a server that is the PO class. Thus, instead of locally invoking the PO object it should be invoked remotely. You need top create a POImpl and PORemote. Create stubs and skeletons. Register it with rmiregistry in the main of your POImpl class.


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