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Final Grades

Click here to see the grades for the course and individual items in a matrix by last 4 digits of your ID.

I will post the grade by last four characters of your student Id after Jan 1, 2003. I will send an email on the class mailing list when they are posted. Please DO NOT email me before then asking what your grade is. If it is NOT posted on the site it is not available yet.

Overall Grade Computations

Grades will be calculated as follows:

X = number of points you received on the midterm
Y = number of points your received for all the homework you submitted
Z = number of points you scored on the final

Grade Point Index (GPI)= (X / 50) * 30 + (Y/30)*30 + (Z/70)*40 

If your Grade Index is within the specified range:

Range                Letter Grade
100 >= GPI >= 94        A
94  >  GPI >= 90        A-
90  >  GPI >= 87        B+
87  >  GPI >= 85        B
85  >  GPI >= 80        B-
80  >  GPI >= 77        C+
77  >  GPI >= 74        C
74  >  GPI >= 70        C-
70  >  GPI >= 64        F


Item Grades

Grades for each homework and midterm will be posted by the LAST four digits of your Student ID number and by the TA you have.

If you do not have a grade please ensure that the TA received your homework and that you handed in a test paper.

HW1 Grades

HW2 grades

HW3 grades

HW4 (see overall matrix)

HW5 (see overall matrix)

FINAL EXAM (see overall matrix)



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