Project 4:

Assigned: Nov. 7
Due: Dec. 2

One of the following three options:


Implementation of a program relevant to this class. You may use any existing software that you can find, but your part of the implementation should be a programming project somewhere between the size of project 1 and project 2. Send me the source code; methods for getting any external software or data needed; a README file describing how to run your code; a short write-up of what the code does and how well it works.



Same specs as project 3. You can do an entirely new experiment, or you can extend the experiment that you did for project 3. However, if you continue the experiment from project 3, then you need to carry out a quite substantial extension; just running your project 3 experiment on more data won't cut it.


3000-6000 word research paper. Obviously, the content of the paper should be largely not material we have gone over in class. Your bibliography should include at least 6 items; these can be papers that are linked to on the class web site.

If you have an idea for a project that combines these categories, or that does not exactly fall into any of these categories, consult with me.

I recommend, but do not require, that you check out the plan for your project before you invest a great amount of time in working on it.

Rules for joint projects as before.

If projects are submitted later than December 12, I may give an incomplete for the course, to be changed to a true grade later. If you plan to take an incomplete the course, please let me know in advance.