Web Search Engines

Thursday 5:00-7:00
Room 102, Warren Weaver Hall
Professor Ernest Davis

Reaching Me

Prerequisites: None.


Two TA's have been assigned to this course:

Xing Xia (xingxia@cs.nyu.edu). Office hours: M 1-3. Will grade for students with last names from A to Mi.

Zhongshan Zhang (zz251@nyu.edu). Office hours: Tu 1-3. Will grade for students with last name from Mj to Zz.

Feel free to consult with either TA; however, you should send your projects to the TA assigned to your last name.

Course topics:

We will discuss all aspects of designing a Web search engine, including:


There will be four projects. There is no final exam.

Late policy:
Up to 1 week late: Deduct 10 points out of 100.
More than one week late: Deduct 20 points out of 100.
No projects at all will be accepted after Dec. 12.

Group projects: Must be pre-approved by email, at least a week before due date. Must be larger than individual projects, in proportion to the number of participants.

Lecture Notes

Lecture 1 (Sept. 5)
Lecture 2 (Sept. 12)
Lecture 3 (Sept. 19)
Lecture 4 (Sept. 26)
Lecture 5 (Oct. 3)
Lecture 6 (Oct. 10)
Lecture 7 (Oct. 17)
Lecture 8 (Oct. 24)
Lecture 9 (Oct. 31)
Lecture 10 (Nov. 7)
Lecture 11 (Nov. 14)
Lecture 12 (Nov. 21)
Lecture 13 (Dec. 5)
Lecture 14 (Dec. 11)

Class email list

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