Computer Systems Design

			    Allan Gottlieb

			      Fall 1997

Text is Hennessy and Patterson

Topic 1 Logic Design

      We follow H&P Appendix B with some inclusions

Topic 2 A little History

      H&P chapter 1.

      NOT covered in class.

      Reading Assignment

Topic 3 Processor design

      Uses Topic 1 extensively

      H&P chapter 3 on machine and assembly language.

	     Mostly assumed knowledge.

	     MIPS instruction set is not assumed knowledge.
	     But the idea of assembly language is.

	     Quickly covered in class

      H&P chapter 4 on arithmetic

	     Computer representation of numbers (2's complement)
	     is assumed knowledge.

	     Logic for addition and subtraction was done
	     in appendix B

	     Multiplication sketched

	     Division and floating point skipped

     H&P chapter 5 The Processor

	     Single cycle implementation done in depth

	     Multicycle skimmed

	     Microprogramming skimmed or skipped

	     Exceptions skimmed or skipped

Topic 4 Performance analysis (quantitative design)

      H&P chapter 2

Topic 5 Memory Hierarchy

      H&P Chapter 7

      Uses Topic 4 extensively