V22.0201 (sec. 1) - Computer Systems Organization (Honors)

Quiz 2 Study Guide

The second (and last) quiz will be on November 29th.

Like all quizzes and exams in this course, it will be open book (and notes).  Laptops, cell phones, and Blackberrys are not allowed.

The quiz will focus primarily on JVM, and secondarily on x86 character graphics (such as was required for the spreadsheet assignment, and is described in Dewar chapter 9).

The quiz is worth 8 points.  Of these, 4 points will involve writing a single JVM method, similar to one of the methods you had to write for assignment 4.  The remainder will be (3 or 4) short answer questions, divided between x86 graphics and JVM.

The x86 questions will ask you to write a pattern on the screen with one or two interrupts (for example, write "HELP" in the middle of a blank screen), or ask what a small code segment writes on the screen.

For the JVM method, we will provide the Java code;  the method may have either integer or array of integer arguments (for example, a static method to compute the quotient of two integers by repeated subtraction, or a static method to find the largest element in an array of integers).

The JVM short answer questions may ask what a code segment does, or whether it would cause an error at load time (verification error) or at run time.

JVM questions should be answerable from the class handouts, but if you have learned about other JVM instructions, they may be used on the quiz.  Comments on the code are not required, but are helpful in awarding credit to partially correct programs.