Course: V22.0002-004
What: Intro to Computers and Programming
Who: Joshua Hart
email: hart at
When: Tuesday & Thursday
2:00pm - 3:15pm
Where: CIWW 101

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Starting a Visual C++ Project[]

Printing from Visual C++[]

  Your Homework will appear here.

The grader for the class is Christine Defenbaugh

There will be 6 homework assignments given during the semester.
Each homework must be sent via e-mail to Christine (and me! and turned in as a printout (in class!) on the day the assignment is due.

When you copy the source code into WordPad, you will need to do a "save as..". When you do this, you have to change the dropdown menu: "Save as type" to "Text Document". Otherwise your source code will become very hard to read, and will not be acceptible.

As homework is assigned you will find an HTML version of it linked here, and firm due dates assgned in the table below:

# Assignment Due Date Solutions
1. Assignment 1 September 27th, 2001  Solution 1
2. Assignment 2 October 11th ,2001   Solution 2
3. Assignment 3 October 23, 2001   Solution 3
4. Assignment 4 November 8, 2001 Solution 4
5. Assignment 5 November 20, 2001 Solution 5
6. Assignment 6 December 11, 2001   Solution 6
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