Course: V22.0002-004
What: Intro to Computers and Programming
Who: Joshua Hart
email: hart at
When: Tuesday & Thursday
2:00pm - 3:15pm
Where: CIWW 101

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  When it comes to programming Style counts!! (that includes using meaningful names and providing sufficient comments in the body of the programs). Assignments must be done on the computer.

Here is an example of sufficient comments and meaningful variable names.

  • Ten points will be deducted for each class day late, with a possible maximum of 30 points being deducted.
  • Homeworks will not be accepted past the second class date after their assigned date.
  • For each assignment that you do not not hand in within the limit, your final grade will be lowered by one letter grade (i.e., if you are averaging a B+, but you have missed 2 home works, your final grade will be B-).
  • Submit both the program and the output stapled together.
  • Buy a few high-density floppy disks: for your own good you must save all programs on a disk and back them up on another disk.
There will be two midterms and a final. Your grade will be 40 percent midterms plus 40 percent final plus 20 percent homework. If you plan to continue with computer science courses, you *MUST* get a grade of C or better in this course.

Cheating Policy:
There will be no tolerance for cheating in this class. Homework assignments are to be done by individuals. Copying of programs will not be tolerated. Infractions will be dealt with according to Departmental policies. Do the work *yourself*!

You can discuss general strategies amongst your classmates, but do your own work!

You are responsible for protecting your code. If you give your code to someone else to "compare" and they copy it, you have cheated.
If you work on writing the homework together, you have cheated.

Just don't do it. Your grade for the class will be severly impacted.
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