Course: V22.0002-004
What: Intro to Computers and Programming
Who: Joshua Hart
email: hart at
When: Tuesday & Thursday
2:00pm - 3:15pm
Where: CIWW 101

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Starting a Visual C++ Project

Printing from Visual C++[]


Starting a New project in Visual C++

1) Select "New" in the file menu:

2) Specify a Project name, and select "Win32 Console Application":

3) Specify "An empty project" and click on ok:

4) Click on "OK"

5) Select "New" from the file menu:

6 a) Hilight "C++ Source File" from the list on the left
6 b) Make sure "Add to project" is checked
6 c) Give the file a name (Make *sure* it ends with ".c")

7) You're done! The white space on the right hand side of the screen is the space in which you should start coding. :)
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