Introduction to Computers & Programming
V22.0002 – 003
NYU Fall 2001
Tuesdays &Thursdays 9:30-10:45 AM in Room 102 CIWW

Instructor Information

Instructor: Vincent Gaudio
E-mail Address:
Telephone: (917) 597-6797
Office Hours: Tuesdays 11:00 AM - 12:00 PM in Room 419 CIWW and by appointment
Grading Assistant: Helen Maximova
E-Mail Address:

Course Materials


Grading Policy for Homework Assignments

  • Ten points will be deducted for each class day late, with a possible maximum of 30 points being deducted.
  • Homeworks will not be accepted past the third class date after their assigned date.
  • For each assignment that you do not not hand in within the limit, your final grade will be lowered by one letter grade ( i.e., if you are averaging a B+, but you have missed 2 homework assignments, your final grade will be B-).
  • Buy a few high-density floppy disks: for your own good you must save all programs on a disk and back them up on another disk.

  • Important Dates

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    Course Syllabus

    In Class Example Programs (updated December 11, 2001)

    Solutions to Exercises in the Book

    Midterm Exam #1 with Solutions

    Midterm Exam #2 with Solutions

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    Updated December 17, 2001