V22.0002 - ASSIGNMENT 5

Four friends are sitting at a table and decide to play a game of poker using a standard 52-card deck. In poker, each player gets dealt 5 cards, with Player #1 getting the 1st card, Player #2 getting the 2nd card, Player #3 getting the 3rd card, Player #4 getting the 4th card, Player #1 getting the 5th cards, etc. until a total of 20 cards are dealt.

Use the random number generator in a C program to simulate the dealing of these 20 cards to the 4 players. This assignment will focus on the use of user-defined functions, for loops, switch statements, and your ability to exactly match the format for printing the results as displayed below.

Example run:

Player 1        Player 2        Player 3        Player 4
 5 of Diamonds   A of Clubs      K of Spades    10 of Diamonds
10 of Spades     9 of Diamonds   J of Diamonds   7 of Diamonds
 J of Clubs     10 of Clubs      7 of Spades     5 of Clubs
 Q of Hearts     3 of Diamonds   A of Hearts     3 of Hearts
 9 of Spades     K of Diamonds   4 of Spades     K of Hearts


You must an email copy of your .c file only to the grader (please make sure it's sent as an attachment!)

Your email MUST have the following in the Subject line to ensure you are not penalized for non or late submission!


If it's late or you are allowed to resubmit, then follow the above with :LATE or :RESUBMIT as is applicable.

The grader's email is: aev208@nyu.edu.  Please do NOT ask the grader questions.  Questions should be directed to the list if general, or to me if more specific.

Good luck!