Software Engineering, Fall 2001




Revision 10    November 28, 2001



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September 5

               Administrivia                                     (PowerPoint)

                              Intro to Software Engineering          (PowerPoint)


September 12

                              CLASS CANCELLED


September 19

                              Modeling with UML                         (PowerPoint)

                              Capturing Requirements                   (PowerPoint)


September 26

                              Functional Modeling                         (PowerPoint)

                              Object Modeling                               (PowerPoint)


October 3

                              Dynamic Modeling                           (PowerPoint)


October 10

                              System Design I                                (PowerPoint)

                              System Design II                               (PowerPoint)


October 17

                              Design Patterns                                 (PowerPoint)


October 24

               Object Design                                    (PowerPoint)


October 31

                              Testing                                                (PowerPoint)



November 7

                              Project Communication                   (PowerPoint)

                              Rationale Management                     (PowerPoint)


November 14

                              Software Configuration Mgmt         (PowerPoint)



November 21

                              Project Management                         (PowerPoint)



November 28

                              Software Life Cycle                          (PowerPoint)