G22.2250: OS Design--Allan Gottlieb


1 November Lab 3 is due 29 November. See below.

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Lab 3 is available. It is due 29 November 2001.

Lab 2 is available. It is due 1 November 2001.

Lab 1 is available. It is due 27 September 2001. Extended to 4 October 2001 due to the WTC tragedy.

Lecture Notes

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Final Exam is Thursday 20 Dec at 5pm

A practice final is available in pdf, postscript, and text.

Answers are here.

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Last nameGraderEmail Address
A-IMauricio Plaza-Villegasmplaza@cs.nyu.edu
J-RNishith Krishnanishith@cs.nyu.edu
S-ZChristopher RobbinsRobbins@cs.nyu.edu

There are three graders for this course. Your grader is assigned based on the first letter of your last name. Please send labs directly to your grader via email. You may also ask your grader questions via email and can set up appointments with him or her if that is helpful. You should expect that any email you send is replied to within 48 hours (excluding weekends and holidays).

Allan Gottlieb