Computer Systems Organization I (Honors)

Prof. Ralph Grishman 
Tues/Thurs 11:00 - 12:15
Courant Institute / Warren Weaver 101

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    This course will provide both an introduction to machine language and a consideration of some of the trade-offs between machine languages, in terms of compatibility, code size, and speed.  We will look in detail at two languages (x86 and JVM) and briefly at two other types of designs (RISC and EPIC designs).
  • Intel x86 Assembler:  5 weeks
  • Java Virtual Machine language:  2 weeks
  • Comparison of assembly languages:  1 week
  • Microarchitecture and performance -- RISC and EPIC:  4 weeks
  • See the syllabus for further details.  Note that this is much more material than is covered by the other sections of this course -- more material than can be covered in class.  Students will be expected to learn a good deal of this material through reading before each class session.

    Grading for the course will be based equally on examinations and assignments.  There will be a mid-term and two short quizzes;  one larger programming project and 4 or 5 smaller assignments.