V22.0201-001: Comp. Sys. Org. I (Honors)

Quiz 2 Study Guide

  1. The second quiz will be given on November 30, 2000.
  2. It will be worth 7 points (out of a total of 100 for the course).
  3. It will be an open book / notes exam.
  4. The emphasis will be on
  5. It will consist of
  6. (a) one JVM method to write, involving an array of ints [3 points]

    (b) two x86 short answers (e.g., what is displayed by the following code ...) [2 points]

    (c) two questions about computer logic [2 points]

  7. For logic design, you are responsible for knowing

You will be allowed the entire period. Hopefully that will be enough this time.

Programs are graded primarily on correctness. There will be no penalty for small differences in efficiency, although we may penalize for grossly inefficient programs or programs with totally useless instructions. Comments on programs are encouraged, both to make grading easier, and to allow for assignment of partial credit.