V22.0201-001: Comp. Sys. Org. I (Honors)

Final Exam Study Guide

  1. The final exam will be given on December 19, 2000, from 2:00 to 3:50, in Room 109 WWH.
  2. It will be worth 22 points (out of a total of 100 for the course).
  3. It will be an open book / notes exam.  Computers (including PDAs and remote messaging devices) and cell phones are not allowed;  calculators are allowed (but probably not needed).
  4. It is cumulative, so there may be questions on
  5. For logic design, you are responsible (as on quiz 2) for knowing
  6. For microarchitectures, you should know (all from Chap. 4 of Tanenbaum)
  7. The exam will emphasize topics which either proved difficult on previous exams or which were not covered on previous exams (see "study questions").  These include
As before, programs are graded primarily on correctness. There will be no penalty for small differences in efficiency, although we may penalize for grossly inefficient programs or programs with totally useless instructions. Comments on programs are encouraged, both to make grading easier, and to allow for assignment of partial credit.

Study questions:

  1. Write an x86 procedure WRITEHEX which takes a 16-bit number, passed in AX, converts it to a hexadecimal number, and writes it on the screen starting at position (0,0).
  2. What are the values of the S, Z, O, and C flags after executing

  3.        MOV   AL,27H
           SHL   AL,1
  4. Write the MIC-1, -2, and -3 microcode for the DLOAD instruction.  It has a 1-byte address field and pushes the local variable at this address onto the stack.  It then pushes the local variable at the next higher address onto the stack.  (Tanenbaum 4.18).