V22.0101 Homework Assignment 1 Fall 2000

Assigned: WED, Sept 13 (Overton ); TUE, Sept 19 (Marateck)
Due: WED, Sept 20 (Overton); TUE, Sept 26 (Marateck)

Your first assignment is to create a graphics display as an applet. The exact nature of this program will be left up to you. It need not be overly complex; It might be a geometric design or a short animated scene. The choice is completely yours. However, it must contain the following elements:

The best way to learn programming is by exploring and experimenting, and this assignment encourages you to do so. Some examples of sample animations are given on the course homepage.

As a suggestion, get some graph paper, and plot out your drawing ahead of time. In developing your program, do not try to create an elaborate masterpiece all at once. Build up to it slowly, creating simple drawings first. Then, combine the pieces at the end. Some of the classes you may want to use are: Rectangle, Ellipse2D.Double, Line2D,

To run your program as an applet, set up a project in Kawa by going to the project menu and choosing new and calling your project by a name; it may be the same name as your program. Then,