Honors Programming Languages
G22.3110-001 Fall 2000


Class Topic  Reading
1 Intro, Imperative languages, Control Structures  Barnes 
2 Types, Procedures, Parameter Passing 
3 Block Structure, Scoping, Modularization, Ada Packages 
4 Ada Exceptions, Ada Generics 
5 Concurrency, Ada Tasks, new Ada95 features 
6 Applicative/Declarative Languages, LISP, Scheme  Slides
7 Scheme Programming  Scheme Report
8 Scheme Programming 
9 Interpretation,  Slides, code
10 Garbage Collection  Slides 
11 Lambda Calculus  Slides 
12 Denotational Semantics  Slides, code
13 Denotational Semantics 
14 Functional Programming, ML  Paulson 
15 Functional Programming, ML
16 Operational semantics  Slides
17 Polymorphic type inference, unification  Slides
18 Logic Programming, Prolog Shapiro: Chap 1-3 
19 Prolog Programming, Unification revisited Shapiro: Chap 4-7 
21 Prolog Programming, Cut  Shapiro: Chap 8-11 
22  Prolog Programming  Shapiro: Chap 12-13 
23 SETL  SETL manual 
25 Static typing of objects and classes (OCaml) Handout 
26 Static typing of objects and classes (OCaml)
27 Modules as a programming language (if time allows) Handout