Ada Compilers

1   Preinstalled here, on (Unix)

On, the simplest way to run the Ada compiler is to:
  1. make sure /usr/local/gnat/bin is at the beginning of your command path;
  2. source /usr/local/gnat/env-vals to have defined a few extra environment variables;
  3. given a source file hello.adb, get it compiled with:
  4.    gnatmake hello.adb
    This will produce an executable file called hello.
For more information on gnatmake, use the --help option.
For Linux users, the Gnat compiler is available for the major Linux distributions. Look at your favorite ftp site. (Note that executables produced by Gnat for linux on my RedHat 6.1 distrib don't work.)

2   Under Linux

If you have a RedHat or Mandrake Linux installation, the Gnat packages (RPM) are avaliable from

If you have a debian installation, look at

Sources and binaries are available from

3   Under Windows

There is a version of Gnat for Windows (95, 98, NT). You may download it from my machine:
Execute the downloaded file, and the Ada environment will install by itself.

(The original distribution is on