Data Structures: Final Exam

The final exam will be held on Monday, May 20,10:00-11:50 in WWH 109.

The exam is closed book and closed notes. Please bring nothing to the exam room except pen or pencil. Answers do not have to be in order in your exam booklet.

The exam will be cumulative; that it covers both material from before the midterm and from after the midterm, though it will focus more on material from after the midterms.

The class will cover only material discussed in lecture. There are a few topics discussed in lecture that you do not have to prepare for the exam; these are listed below.

The test will cover all the material of the course up through and including the first lecture on 2-3 trees (notes on lectures 1-21). I will only ask about material that I have covered in class. I will not ask about anything that is in the textbook that I did not cover in class.

The students in the honors section take the same exam as those in the non-honors section.

In problems that ask you to write Java code, I will not deduct points for trivial syntactic errors. I will not ask about the Java library classes. I will not ask about access control and visibility (public, private, and protected). You are, of course, expected to know the basic features of Java statements and methods.

Specifically, the topics on the test include:

The following topics were discussed in class but will NOT be on the final exam.

If the exam includes any questions that involves knowing a large power of 2 or a logarithm, I will provide the number. You need not memorize the large powers of 2 or logarithms to pass the exam (though of course you should, on general principles.)

Review of objects, references, etc.