Safe Roving

Dennis Shasha

Omniheurist Course

Computer Science



In this game, the rover team wants to reach a certain destination with the heavy rover (maybe it's taking astronauts) on a certain enemy planet. The team also has a certain number of light rovers pilotless rovers (this can be changed by players but default is 5). The problem is that the way to the destination is littered with a fixed number of bombs (this can be changed by players but default is 10). These bombs will blow up both a heavy and a light rover. The adversary team places these bombs, but always allowing some way to go from the origin to the destination.

Moving any rover one space counts as a time unit. The total score is the number of time units. If the heavy rover is lost, the game is over and the score is 10,000. The lower the score, the better.

Architecture Team

Allow the players to specify the number of bombs (default 10) and the number of light rovers (default 5). Allow the adversary team to specify the locations of the bombs. Display the the origin and the destination. Allow the rover team to specify which rover moves and where. If a rover is destroyed by a bomb, show the bomb then. If a space is known to be bomb-free (because a rover has passed over it without event) then make it blank. Otherwise, put a dot there. Record the score of the rover team.