\ CSCI-GA.1170-003 Fundamental Algorithms , Fall 2012

CSCI-GA.1170-003 Fundamental Algorithms , Fall 2012

Lecturer: Esther Ezra , my first name at cs.nyu.edu, (212) 998-4859, room 416, WWH. Office hour: Tuesday 6:50--7:50PM
Meeting Time/Place: Tue 5:00--6:50PM, WWH 102 WWH.
Recitation Time/Place: Thur 7:10--8:00PM, WWH 102, WWH.
Graders: Rameez Gulam husain Loladia , Wen Xing .
Midterm: Tue, Oct 9 2012, 5:00--6:00PM, WWH102. Final: Tue, Dec 18 2012, 5:00--6:50 PM, WWH 102.
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To post a message to all the list members, send email to csci_ga_1170_003_fa12@cs.nyu.edu. Please, post only messages interesting to everybody taking the class. Specific class-related questions and most of your other correspondence should be directed to the instructor.
Course Homepage: http://cs.nyu.edu/courses/fall12/CSCI-GA.1170-003/index.html

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Brief Course Description:

This course covers the design and analysis of combinatorial algorithms. The curriculum is concept-based and emphasizes the art of problem-solving. The course features weekly exercises designed to strengthen conceptual understanding and problem solving skills. Students are presumed to have adequate programming skills and to have a solid understanding of basic data structures and their implementation in the programming languages of their choice. Although some mathematical sophistication would be helpful for this course, the necessary mathematics is contained within the curriculum. Because of the emphasis on problem solving, students are expected to attend the Thursday recitation sessions. Be sure that you register for the recitation (section 004) as well as the class (section 003).

Course Topics


1. An Introduction to Algorithms: their methods and madness, by A.R. Siegel, available at NYU Copy Central 547 LaGuardia Place for a complementary price of $28.00.

2. Introduction to Algorithms by Thomas H. Cormen, Charles E. Leiserson, Ronald L. Rivest, and Cliff Stein, published by MIT Press.
You can get either the THIRD EDITION or the SECOND EDITION.


There will be one in-class midterm and a final exam, in addition to approximately weekly homework assignments. Tentative grade split is 30% homework, 30% midterm and 40% final exam.


There will be approximately 12 written homework assignments. Some of the homework exercises will be routine, but others will be more challenging. I do not expect you to solve all of the homework problems, but I hope that you will benefit from working on the more difficult ones. Homework will be assigned on Tuesdays, and will be due the following Tuesday. No late homework will be accepted.

An advice about the homework assignments: