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The dB Home Page (*)

(*) or, the Tenebrous Microcosmic Noösphere

This is me without my glasses. It is therefore me in disguise. Here is an old picture of Peter and Julie without their disguises. And here is Anthony, catching flies without swinging his cello. Okay, so how about a more respectable mug shot of same. Now here is me again on 14 April 2001.

The world's most wonderful programming language is SETL. I never meant to devote my life to it, but someone has to be its keeper, so I've appointed myself.

I live in Steeltown, id est Bethlehem, PA, which has a neon star over it that lights up at night that you can see as you drive south across the hwy 378 bridge over the Lehigh River. This is America. In fact, this is Pennsylvania. Don't laugh, this Bethlehem has its own Manger Square and brings in many tourist $$$ every Advent. They should spend it on the poor; there is much poverty in this rich country, and 16 per cent of the people still have no health insurance. The silly thing is, it costs much more to take care of them after they get sick. An ounce of prevention...oh, never mind.

I am probably the most active member (in terms of actual flying) of the Water Gap Hang Gliding Club, and have recently undertaken to create and maintain a web site for it. Some of the other pilots will probably want to get their oars in when they see how atrociously they are being represented by my irresponsible and prolix spam.

My old home page had many hyperlinks, but hyperlinks age fast. Search engines rule.

And now, a short quiz:

The time is 4:20. Do you know what time it is? (+)


SETL (the world's most wonderful programming language)
My Ph.D. thesis, SETL for Internet Data Processing
Dave's Famous Original On-Line SETL Server
First page of Jack Schwartz's 1969 description of SETL
SETL documentation
Download SETL
Notes for 22 Nov 99 talk at Purdue (IUPUI)
Notes for 9 Dec 99 dissertation defense at NYU
The NMSU ``Programming with Sets'' site

Advanced Web Services
CATeye at NYU
A.L.I.C.E. by Richard Wallace
Or try Chalice (a chat room chaired by that self-same Alice)
SGML and XML News (note the August 25, 1999 reference to ``Eggsmell'')
Dewar Online! (a spoof on Toto Paxia's Pizzi Online)
The Spammy Chat Room
The NIH ``Molecules R US'' Utility (space-filling images by Raster3D)

Work (if you can call it that)
The world's most wonderful RTOS
The self-thermalling glider modelled by Tom Frost
On the origins of the Spherical Pointing Motor
MURI-funded research
NSF-funded research (bogus!)
On Free Software - a personal view
My wonderful résumé

ParkBench (my favourite artists in the whole wide Web)
Fred Hansen, the amazing engineer
Thirteen pictures exalting foot-launched aviation
A particularly beautiful powered aircraft, designed and built by David Marsden
Play Find-the-Spam!

CSc 209 (Assembly Language) spam
CSc 403 (Advanced Operating Systems) spam
CSc 262 (Programming Languages) spam
CSc 397 (Network Programming) spam
Original opinions on the first-taught programming language
Why Timothy McVeigh should not be executed
Boycott banner advertisers!

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(+) Don Talhelm's answer: time for the pipes to start making a racket during the departmental seminar.

(+) The final answer: it's really 4/20, Adolf Hitler's birthday and the date of the 1999 massacre in Littleton, CO. The aggregate effect of your clinging to the standard misinterpretation of your Second Amendment rights, people, is that too many of you are getting killed every year, including a lot who are much too young to die. To quote from FIREARM FACTS, In 1996, handguns were used to murder 2 people in New Zealand, 15 in Japan, 30 in Great Britain, 106 in Canada, 213 in Germany and 9,390 in the United States. It's easy to get rifles and shotguns in Canada, so no one with a legitimate purpose for owning a hunting weapon feels that their precious rights are threatened up there. Fix your gun laws, and you will embark on the righteous path toward becoming a civilized country! Be careful, though - this kind of thinking quickly leads to the kind of public perception that says kids have a right to health care too, and that would be a pretty radical idea at this point in your history, wouldn't it.
On the other hand, I tend to be horrified at and therefore possibly quite thoroughly naïve about all matters military and/or weapon-oriented, so please see here for an intelligent dissenting opinion on the current handgun debate.

(+) The official answer: police code for XXX in progress. According to my underground sources, everyone in the country who believes in its healing powers is supposed to commit XXX at exactly 4:20 each day.

(+) The pilots' answer: time for a safety meeting.

(+) The great-steaming-pile-of-Spam answer: it is the last page number of my wonderful PhD thesis.

Tel.:  215 327-0099