Information Technology Projects Course

Professor Arthur Goldberg
Computer Science Department

Spring 2007
Project Proposal

EDGAR Online

Company Description

EDGAR Online is one of the leading publishers of corporate information specializing in providing both information and analysis tools to the financial community.

The current business strategy at EDGAR Online involves improving existing analysis tools, expanding data feeds and expanding sources. Our product development strategies are often driven by the latest SEC regulations and corresponding interest in the marketplace for new ways to package information to be consumed quickly. To further that effort, we come to NYU to gain assistance in some key product research and development initiatives.

Proposal: Perform some data extraction tasks


This project is sponsored by the Product Management Group at EDGAR Online. This group is responsible for creating new products and working with development teams to implement new ideas efficiently

The results of this data extraction will be used in our I*Metrix suite of analysis tools. Users will be able to view information as structured data regardless of the way it is found in the raw text. The results will be "normalized" for easy consumption.

The details of this project are confidential.

Project process

Members of the Product Management team at EOL will work personally with interns to help them understand the concepts involved and the scope of the problem.

This is at least a one-term project, perhaps more.

The next steps for this project should work on requirements gathering, system architecture, and prioritization of the concepts corresponding to the data points of interest.

We will work with the NYU team to develop robust rules executable in a scalable environment.

Intern Address

122 East 42 St., Suite 2400 NY NY 10168

Authorizing Manager

Robert T Krugman, vice president, product development, office: 212.457.8211, rkrugman – AT –

Product Manager

Leslie Barrett, Ph.D., Product Manager, Data Extraction Solutions, 212-457-8212, lbarrett – AT –

Meeting hours

Usually regular business hours (9-6, M-F), but exceptions could be made to meet outside regular business hours

Resources that will be made available to students

Access to staff in Product Management and Engineering involved with the system, software that would be used to design and implement the system