Information Technology Projects Course

Professor Arthur Goldberg
Computer Science Department
Spring 2006
Project Proposal

NYU Higher Education Opportunity Program (HEOP)

Organization Description

HEOP serves motivated undergraduate students from disadvantaged educational and financial backgrounds, helping them to make the transition to a competitive setting here at NYU.

HEOP students have access to workshops, tutoring, one-on-one mentoring and career planning services. Students are also exposed to new opportunities and possibilities through student activities.

More information can be found on their web site.

NYU has run a HEOP program for 35 years. Today, it is the largest such program in the state, serving 1000 students per year.

Proposal: Design and Prototype a System to Identify Students Eligible for HEOP

Several criteria determine whether a student is eligible for HEOP support. These include family income and demographics, the student's academic experience, and other factors. A complicated and interrelated set of rules control the eligibility decision.

This project will collect, organize and review the rules and design a system – codenamed HEOP_Eligibility – to encode and apply them.

The overall plan of the project involves the following steps:

  1. Gather and organize the decision rules.

  2. Create a database to hold these decision rules and other related information.

  3. Design efficient algorithms to apply these stated rules to a well defined set of data.

  4. Design and prototype HEOP_Eligibility, which will be accessed via a secure web-based interface to:

    1. Check a student's eligibility by entering his/her financial and other information.

    2. Generate a comprehensive report that indicates whether the student is eligible for the program and explains the reasons for the decision.

    3. Let authorized users modify the decision rules.

  5. Test the new system.

The key benefits of HEOP_Eligibility will include:

  1. Increase the accuracy and efficiency in the student eligibility decision making process

  2. May be used by other 60+ colleges and universities around NY state

  3. Easily maintainable process


  1. Requirements Document

  2. Design Document

  3. Test Case Document

  4. Test Results Document

  5. Code

HEOP_Eligibility will be initially be used by HEOP program administrators to help high school students considering applying to NYU. If it is successful, it will be offered to other HEOP programs around New York State.

This project's tools will be ColdFusion for the web interface and MS SQL server for the database.

Intern Address

239 Green Street, 8th Floor

Authorizing managers

Param Chawla, Executive Director / Opportunity Programs,

Alicia Holmes, Director Supportive Services,

Project manager

Alicia Holmes,, (212) 998-5680

Meeting hours

Alicia writes: “Business hours (9am – 5pm) would be the best. But if students feel they would like to meet outside business hours, please let us know so that meetings can be scheduled outside business hours.”

Resources that will be made available to students

Computers would be provided on request. Students can contact Alicia through email or phone anytime.