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Morgan Stanley has earned a worldwide reputation for excellence in financial advice and market execution.  The 58,000 members of Morgan Stanley in 28 countries connect people, ideas and capital to help our clients achieve their financial aspirations.

Proposal: XBRL taxonomy object model and document processor

Businesses and governments are making a massive global efforts to standardize the organization, definition and presentation of financial information.  The information ranges broadly across many industries and many types of information.  Technically, the extensible business reporting language (XBRL; see WWW.XBRL.ORG) is being built to encode this standardization.  XBRL is an electronic format for simplifying the flow of financial statements, performance reports, accounting records, and other financial information between software programs.  XBRL is based on XML. Two hundred corporations, including Morgan Stanley, are involved in the effort.
XBRL is quite complex because the information it must represent is complex.  Consider, for example, the complexities across the multiple dimensions: industries, data types, corporate departments, nations, and languages.
Analogous with XML schemas, the structure of an XBRL document is described by a schema or “taxonomy” definition.  Programmers write application that read, analyze, process and output XBRL documents.  The development community sorely needs an object model that describes the structure of XBRL taxonomies.  Given a taxonomy object model (TOM) a programmer could easily write an XBRL document processing application that could read a taxonomy and read, process or write XBRL documents.
The goals of this project are to: This project will require extensive expertise on XML (which can be obtained during the project) and involve extensive study of the XBRL architecture and specification.
This is a significant opportunity to be one of the first 100 people in the world be become expert in this new and important technology.

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