Information Builders, Inc.

Company Description

Information Builders was founded on a very simple premise help business people get to the information in their enterprise systems easily and quickly.

They succeeded. Today, their customers can efficiently put information in the hands of everyone they rely on to support, supply, run, and transact with their businesses.

Thousands of customers and partners all over the world, including most of the Fortune 100, all major government agencies, and many educational institutions, use Information Builders software and services to turn data into business intelligence that helps their customers, citizens, employees, managers, and business partners make better decisions in critical operations.

IBI's strong proven track record is evident in these statistics:

Proposal: Web Site Analysis

Information Builders has an internal 'Enterprise Information Portal' (EIP) which provides a single customizable front-end that helps users access, organize and manage the information from a wide variety of content sources.  As EIP expands and users begin to rely on the site more heavily the need for immediate feedback is key.  The project would be to deploy a system to help IBI centrally monitor the site's activity and measure the overall effectiveness of the portal. A series of reports and graphs should be developed to track visitors through any part of the web site and analyze visitor behavior trends over time.

The deliverables are:

(a) Create an application requirement specification.

(b) Evaluate existing 3rd party software and/or supplement with an add-on module. The software currently in-house is WebTrends by NetIQ. If an add-on module is necessary it should be developed using JSP and MySQL.

(c) Develop and deploy a series of reports to help analyze web site activity.

Intern Address

Information Builders, Inc.
Two Penn Plaza
New York, NY 10121

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Authorizing manager

Tim Benthall,, V.P., Systems and Communications, (212) 736 6250 ext. 3750

Project managers

Bill Fanelli, and Tim Benthall

Resources that will be made available to students

Access to EIP logs and software as needed.