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The Stern Business School needs no introduction.

Proposals: Tool Evaluation

Both of these proposals involve evaluating software development tools.  We will follow a systematic evaluation process:
  1. Gather requirements
  2. Obtain list of candidate tools
  3. Narrow down candidate list to top handful
  4. Examine top candidates in detail, hopefully with demo versions
  5. Select one or more tools
  6. Demo selected tools

Evaluate Report Writing Tools for Stern Database

Stern has centralized the primary administration databases, including functions for HR , students and alumni.  Administrators, faculty and clerical staff use these databases regularly.  Frequently these users require custom reports.  Currently the Stern IS staff implements custom reports in C and older systems. Custom report implementations often take weeks or longer.  The Stern CIO wants to obtain one or more newer report writing tools so that
  1. database users can implement some custom reports themselves, and
  2. when asked, the Stern IS staff can implement custom reports more rapidly.
This project will evaluate report writing tools such as Crystal reports and others and select one or more newer report writing tools that meet Stern's needs.

Evaluate Development Tools for Uploading to Palm Pilots

Most people have a Pilots today.  Almost all Pilots have IR (beam) communication capability.  Computing environments are beginning to offer general data access via Pilot IR, such as the data ports one sees on phone booths.
Stern IT wants to consider distributing data and services via public Pilot IR ports.  Possible services include: Stern IT wants to evaluate tools and systems for developing the applications that will provide services to Pilots via public IR ports.  Stern IT also wants review the process by which Pilot upload data would be collected, distributed and managed.  This is a fairly open research project.

Intern Address

MEC, 44 W 4th

Company Web site

Authorizing manager

George Tabback, Stern CIO, gtabback@stern

Project managers

Report Writing Tools: Sonia Cumberbatch, Stern IT development manager, 998-0148
Palm Pilot Development Tools: Joey Friedman, Van Williams

Resources that will be made available to students