Company Description is a new company to be formed out of the efforts of this project.

Proposal: Design and prototype an ASP
Most nonprofit organizations have difficulty managing information about their current, past and potential members.  Nonprofits want to know about member contact information, dues payments, donations, benefits, participation, satisfaction, etc.  Nonprofits, particularly small and medium-sized ones, have difficulty obtaining and operating software that manages all this information. will be a Web-based ASP that serves this need.  It will be a comprehensive, easy-to-use, secure, customizable membership management system for nonprofits.  This project will

Intern Address

At NYU, typically at the CAT on the 12th floor of 715 Broadway.

Company Web site

Authorizing manager
Steve Silberstein, Founder (and Chairman of the Board, and former CEO, FAME Information services)

Project manager

Resources that will be made available to students
Computing, temporary office space, etc., at NYU