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Our department needs no introduction.

The Proposal: Graduate Student Database

The CS department has about 50 Ph.D. students and 331 masters students.  A database has been implemented that records information about our Ph.D. students.  This project will review the design of the existing database, and add additional functionality.  We will attempt to retain as much of the schema and code as possible.  The development language has not been determined.  The existing database records the information about Ph.D. students: We're considering adding information about: The existing database is a MySQL database, with a simple Web interace which is not quite complete.  It is written in Python.  It is also accessible from MS Access.  It lacks security.  We'd like this project to add:

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715 Broadway

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Authorizing manager

Prof. Denis Zorin,

Project managers

Prof. Denis Zorin,
Prof. Arthur Goldberg, 998-3014,

Resources that will be made available to students

Computing and space in the CAT, 12th floor 715 Broadway