Information Technology Projects
Spring 2000 Proposals

Prof. Arthur Goldberg, Computer Science Department, New York University

USWeb/CKS: Project Management Extranet


USWeb/CKS seeks to transform businesses in the digital economy and create sustainable market leadership for its clients. As the leading Internet professional services firm, USWeb/CKS has created a new standard for success in the digital economy - Time-to-Value. Time-to-Value means USWeb/CKS applies its extensive insight, experience and scale to deliver breakthrough results quickly. The Company is headquartered in San Francisco, California, with more than 4,000 professionals in 13 countries around the world. USWeb/CKS recently announced its intention to merge with Whittman-Hart, Inc. Additional information about USWeb/CKS is available at or by calling 415/284-7070.


USWeb/CKS manages large, distributed projects building web services for its clients. The projects demand effective communication and document sharing among individuals on the projects. In support of this, we are seeking a project management extranet which will provide secure access to project documents to team members, both USWeb employees and our clients. We will be working with the NYU project team to implement this extranet. The steps will include:
1) Defining the requirements for this extranet
2) Selecting an appropriate technology architecture
3) Writing a functional and technical specification
4) Designing a user interface
5) Development and implementation of selected components
The completed system will be used in engagements with our clients.

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Albie Collins, Partner, Technology Support Group,, 372-4239
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