Information Technology Projects
Spring 2000

Prof. Arthur Goldberg, Courant Institute of Mathematics, New York University

Deutsche Bank: Web-based Ad-hoc Query Tool for Fixed Income Controllers

Deutsche Bank

The Deutsche Bank Group is a truly universal bank with over 74,000 employees in 57 countries. It is one of the largest banks in the world.It offers a full range of modern banking services, including deposit taking and lending and issue business, numerous forms of corporate finance, securities and asset management business and trading on foreign exchange and derivatives. Additionally, the bank provides advisory services for small and medium sized companies.


The Fixed Income Controllers at Deutsche Bank Securities use a Visual Basic/Oracle based system to perform P/L reporting. The controllers use this system to review P&L, create adjustments, meet internal and external reporting requirements, provide exception reporting, review transaction history, and post to the ledger.The system has over one hundred standard reports which use parameters such as date, department, desk, trader, and trading account.Despite the large number of reports available, the controllers still require customized queries to meet ad-hoc requests from other departments, regulators, and management. These requests are made on a daily basis and are fulfilled by the IT staff.

This project would involve designing and developing a Web based query tool that could be used by the controllers to meet a broad range of ad-hoc requests.The application would be designed so that controllers can choose fields from a predetermined list for reporting.Their choices would be converted into SQL by application. Key functions of this application include:
·Provide list of business names for fields that a user would choose to display in the result set.

·Provide selection criteria for any field which includes and, or, not in, and in operators.

·Ability for users to save their queries

·Ability to print results

·Ability to save results as text or Excel


·Cold Fusion
·Web Browser
·SQL Navigator (development environment for Oracle server programming)
·PCs/computer accounts


·Gives users more power – They can retrieve data without the assistance of a technologist.
·Frees up technologist from operational tasks
·A Web interface reduces dependence on DLLs or complicated installs
·Can be accessed from any PC connected to the Intranet.

·Increases Cold Fusion/Web programming skills within the group

·Can be used as a query tool with other databases later on


Installing Business Objects or similar software. Typically, this type of project takes a substantial amount of time and resources.Additionally, the package may have to be installed on each user’s desktop and each user would need to be trained.Some users may not even use the package if they find it to intimidating or cumbersome.Additionally, we would be subject to vendor upgrades.

Required Skill Set

Knowledge of SQL, GUI design, Web programming, HTML


Students will be asked to sign non-disclosure agreements.

Intern address

1251 Avenue of the Americas (At 50th Street) 28th Floor

Company Web site

Authorizing Managers

Ray Saxe, Starita’s boss, Manager of the Risk Management Systems department, 469-6194.
Phil Emond, Saxe’s boss, one of the managing directors in charge of the Global Technology & Services division. 

Project Manager

Bill Starita, 469-3428,